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Hacker for hire: http://aaevk7lln7spszxt6owplqqoejxo4lbeg425qxpka6hb3nyliq3zdqqd.onion

▶  aaevk7lln7spszxt6owplqqoejxo4lbeg425qxpka6hb3nyliq3zdqqd.onion
(Escrow service links /Rent a hacker – Rent-A-Hacker): This website is a well-known one providing all types of hacking solutions. To know more visit their website.

▶ prodarktzz3lnwrr.onion (Escrow service links /Anything – ProDark): This onion website has a unique concept. They provide hacking services both legally and illegally. The admin of this website takes BTC as payment against any services done for you. If you want to know how to contact the admin, you have to head straight to the website.

▶ chbetteratd6wskq.onion (Escrow service links /Consultant – Choose Better): Choose Better is the best solution for solving any sort of queries. They provide you with the correct solution for every type of queries you have or might have faced.


▶ uikmtsdhdfn4baeo.onion (Rent a Hackers – Hacker’s Bay): This is a Dark Web community for the hackers who aims to provide you with their hacking services anonymously. They offer you a variety of hacking services in various spheres like social media hacking, email hacking, PC hacking, website hacking, DDoS attacks and more. Their pricing varies with the services they offer. For example, if you opt for social media hacking services for a variety of social media platforms, then you will be charged $350 to $700. To know more about their pricing details, feel free to visit their website.

Hire the Hackers

▶ rsprjqyxhf25l3qd.onion (Escrow service links /Detective– Detective Check): This link takes you to a community that aims to provide personal information about the victims or any person in general. Their website claims to be dealing with a multiple domains such as the background records, hidden record leaks of the public , Tor exit nodes + IP logs + server, police records, information on mission individuals and much more.

▶ digigangxiehugqk.onion (Dark web Hackers – Digital Gangster): Digital Gangster website is the most helpful one for those who are looking for receiving the services in social engineering, programming projects, or any type of hacking-related tasks. To gather some extra information about them, you can check out their website.

▶ hackerrljqhmq6jb.onion (Hacking / Service – Hacking): This particular onion website deals with solving issues related to technology and/or non-technology. This is the best option for you as you will be able to receive services like hacking, computer spying and surveillance, social media threats, removing links, background check, locating missing people, online dating scam, SSN trace, password track, cyber fraud and much more than that.

▶ wdnqg3ehh3hvalpe.onion (Hacking – Keys open doors): The website is a little bit clumsy and hence it was pretty difficult to find out what exactly their services are. Thus, it can be suggested that you head on to the website and try to find out for yourself something really useful.

Hackers For hire: Inside the dark web

▶ timaq4ygg2iegci7.onion (Hacking – Txtorcon): This Tor link is a library that provides you with the real-time information about your Tor browser such as the stream, logging hidden services, connect to running Tor circuit, circuit and hell lot of things. For complete information about the admin or the site visit it.

▶ pmwdzvbyvnmwobk5.onion (Escrow service links / Hacking – Barmlab): This website is related to the non-profit organization of Prague that is known to run the hackerspace. They hold various events. If you want to visit their events or even know about them, you have to visit this link.

▶ hackcanl2o4lvmnv.onion (Hacking – Hack Canads): Hack Canads or Hack Canada is an onion link that offers you hacking services and other related services like payphones, cracking, phreaking, FreeDomination, Scams & Rip-Off, E-Zines and other stuff including the Canadian links. The best part of this website is that it provides you with hacking tutorials and documents so that you can follow them and learn by yourself.

▶ 6dvj6v5imhny3anf.onion (Cyber-Guerrilla): Cyber Guerrilla can be termed as a forum where people join and discuss various aspects of hacking. You can take the full advantage of the website by posting your query where your query will be answered. By this, you will be able to learn a lot of things regarding hacking. You can share your experience with us so that the readers can learn about the website.

▶ hackharhoaw3yk5q.onion (Service/Dark web Hackers for Hire): Hacker for Hire is an onion platform that provides you with the complete package of hacking services on the darknet such as computer spying and surveillance, social media threats, removing a link, locating missing people, SSN trace, background checks, cyberbully and cyberstalks, online dating scams, cyber extortions, computer security trainings, relationship, password tracking, and cyber fraud.

▶ hackerrljqhmq6jb.onion (Hack Group): Hack Group provides you with all sort of professional hacking services through this deep web link when you encounter with the scamming, social media hacking or even scamming of the online dating profile. One of the major advantages of this that you will be able to experience special hacking training. All the services they provide are chargeable. So you can visit their website and check out the pricing table. If you want to contact the admin, you can do so by visiting their website. Some of the services that are provided by this platform are SSN Trace, Cyber Bully-cyber stalked, background checks, social media threats, hacking, computer spying and surveillance, cyber extortions, tracking passwords and cyber fraud.

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